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TRICONEX AIH 3723X Transmission module

TRICONEX AIH 3723X Transmission module

TRICONEX AIH 3723X Transmission module


Module: 3723X

Description: Transmission module

Product Orgin:USA

TRICONEX AIH 3723X Transmission module Ladder diagram language is evolved on the basis of contactors, relays and other graphical symbols commonly used in traditional electrical control systems. It is similar to the electrical control circuit diagram, inheriting the frame structure, logical operation mode and input and output form used in the traditional electrical control logic, and has the characteristics of image, intuition and practical. Therefore, this programming language is well known to the majority of electrical technicians and is the first programming language of PLC. This programming language is a mnemonic programming expression similar to assembly language. In PLC applications, simple programmers are often used, and there is no CRT screen display in this programmer, or there is no large LCD screen display. Therefore, the ladder diagram is described by a statement table composed of a series of PLC operation commands, and then input into the PLC by a simple programmer. Although the statement table form of each PLC manufacturer is not the same, the basic function is similar. The following is the statement table program corresponding to the ladder diagram in Figure 1 (FX series PLC).


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1756-M02AE 330980-50-00 T8433C KJ3209X1-BA1 12P3905X012 VE4002S2T1B1
1756-OB16I 330910-05-10-02-00 T8830C KJ3001X1-BC1 12P0551X132 VE4001S3T1B1
1766-L32BXB 330780-90-00 TC20102 FX-490
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1756-PB72 3500/65-01-01 T8891C KJ3002X1-BA1 12P06801X122
1762-OA8 3500/42 138700-01 TC32402 12P3275X022 KJ3204X1-BA1
1794-IV16 330180-91-05 TC51002 KJ4001X1-BA2
1771-PS7 3500/50 133434-01 TC51702 KJ3221X1-BA1 12P2531X132 VE4035S2B1

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