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TRICOMEX 4351B Communication Module

TRICOMEX 4351B Communication Module

TRICOMEX 4351B Communication Module,Main processor module:3006,3007,3008,3009.Design Of A Communication Industrial Ethernet Module Of PLC Using For On-Line Monitoring

Invensys‘ Triconex Trident SIS is a SIL 3-certified, fail-safe, fault-tolerant controller for distributed use in hazardous facilities. It includes the OPC UA platform and fulfills requirements for emergency shutdown, fire and gas protectionburner management, high-integrity pressure protection and turbomachinery control

SIS-System Frequently used products :3503E 3501E 3721 3626 3601E

The redundant high-availability architecture provides a flexible, robust, reliable, and powerful solution that is ideal for clients looking to achieve environmental and safety excellence.


TRICONEX is owned by Invensys Group

Founded in 1983 in California (California)

Professional manufacturing tricon safety instrument sis system, ESD system

TRICON v11 SIS central controller


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