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SCHNEIDER 140CPU67160 CPU Module Modicon Quantum

SCHNEIDER 140CPU67160 CPU Module Modicon Quantum

SCHNEIDER Modicon Quantum automation platform 140CPU67160 Unity processor No arithmetic coprocessor Modicon Quantum-1024 KB -266 MHz

SCHNEIDER 140CPU67160 CPU Module Modicon Quantum

Brand/Manufacturer SCHNEIDER
Model 140CPU67160
Part No
Place of Origin FRANCE
Product Name CPU Module, Unity Processor
Network connections Modbus Plus

Ethernet TCP/IP


Dimennsions 8.9cm x 8.2cm x 14.4cm
Weight 0.85kg

(1) The maximum values for the number of discrete I/O and analog I/O depend on the topologies used (remote I/O, distributed I/O, etc.). For more information, please consult our website (2) Profibus DP module by our partner Prosoft (Collaborative Automation Partner Program). (3) Modbus Plus modules: Only the first 2 of the 6 modules feature the full range of functions. (4) Max. distance between the 2 Hot Standby CPUs: Up to 4 km


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