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Schneider 140CPU11303 PLC CPU Module

Schneider 140CPU11303 PLC CPU Module

Schneider 140CPU11303 PLC CPU Module Processor module 80186 Modicon Quantum – 1 Modbus plus, 2 Modbus RS232.The 140CPU11303 is a central processing unit (CPU) module for industrial automation produced by Schneider Electric. The module has a maximum IEC program of 368 k, a SRAM size of 512 k, ladder logic of 16 k, 10 k available registers, and requires 790 mA bus current. This CPU module is designed for Material handling, packaging, and textile machines usage [2]. The 140CPU11303 has two module interface options, and each CPU in standalone configurations supports this option [1]. The module is compatible with a wide range of control applications, making it versatile and simple to use. Incorporating the 140CPU11303 controller module into an industrial system is a straightforward process, and the module comes with the Schneider Electric name that is synonymous with value and reliability

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Quantum 140CPU11303 It is easy to report insufficient memory using IEC programming. Why and how can I solve it?

The solution:

A pair of 140CPU11303 must have two firmware versions: one for 140CPU11303 and one for 140CPU11303S. If the corresponding 140CPU11303 firmware is used, the CPU supports both LL984 and the IEC, but the IEC capacity is small. If you are sure that your application is an IEC application, update the CPU firmware to 140CPU11303S. After this operation, the IEC programming capacity of the CPU will be greatly expanded. The specific operation instructions are as follows:

Quantum 11303 firmware is updated to support only IEC programming; Example Change the CPU model from 140CPU11303 to 140CPU11303S in the Concept software.

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