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Schneider Electric 140CPU67160S Modicon CPU Red Module

Schneider Electric 140CPU67160S Modicon CPU Red Module

Schneider Electric 140CPU67160S Modicon CPU Red Module.The 140CPU67160S is a hot standby processor with multimode Ethernet from Schneider Electric’s Modicon Quantum automation platform series. It is a Quantum hot standby CPU (HSBY) with multiple modes of Ethernet connectivity [2]. This processor is designed to be installed on a backplane and has a clock frequency of 266 MHz with two local racks. It comes with dedicated I/O including counters, precise timestamps, high-speed interrupt outputs, and serial links

Schneider Electric 140CPU67160S Modicon CPU Red Module

Some of the features of the 140CPU67160S include a liquid crystal display with a lens cover. Behind the lens cover are keypad switches, a battery, and a reset button. The CPU’s standard configuration is a 2-line 16-character LCD. It also has a variable backlight status and contrast. The keyboard has five keys mapped to hardware addresses, including two arrow keys, each with an LED. The module has an automatic backlight handling function, where the keyboard driver detects key presses and automatically turns on the backlight. It will automatically turn off after 5 minutes. If an error is detected, the backlight will remain on. The unit has a Modbus port, a USB port, and a PCMCIA slot. There are Ethernet communication indicator lights and an Ethernet port for fiber communication for HSBY CPUs. It has a battery and a reset button

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