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NI PCB SBRIO-9607 Single-Board RIO OEM Devices

NI PCB SBRIO-9607 Single-Board RIO OEM Devices

NI PCB SBRIO-9607 Single-Board RIO OEM Devices The Nl bRI0-9607 CompactRlO board controller combines an ARM processor, Nl Linux real-time operating system, programmable Xlinx FPGA, memory, analog and digital O, processor peripheral ports, and high-density connectors for custom subboards. N sbRIO-607 CompactRlO single board controller is a small high performance embedded computer.

NI PCB SBRIO-9607 Single-Board RIO OEM Devices

This ready-to-deploy industrial-grade controller is ideal for OEM control and monitoring applications. The running software stack includes high-quality I0 drivers and the N LinuR real-time operating system. The processor can be programmed using the LabVIEW Real-Time module, CIC++ or other commonly used languages, and the FPGA can be programmed using the LabVIEWFPGA module. If you need additional lO, you can add custom boards or two more CSeries modules. This controller is tested based on the same standards as the encapsulated controller, so it can be certified against the same standards as the application.


The sensors measure the CPU/FPGA junction temperature and printed circuit board temperatures that can be used to approximate the primary and secondary side local ambient temperatures. This approach is called digital validation. Alternatively, the traditional analog approach using thermocouples can be used to validate thermal performance. The digital approach is more accurate for determining the performance of the CPU/FPGA but is more conservative for determining the local ambient temperatures. NI recommends using digital validation.

For digital validation, ensure that the reported CPU/FPGA, reported Primary System, and reported Secondary System temperatures do not exceed any of the maximum temperatures listed in this document. Thermal validation is complete if the reported temperatures are within specifications.

For analog validation, measure the local ambient temperature by placing thermocouples on both sides of the PCB, 5 mm (0.2 in.) from the board surface. Avoid placing thermocouples next to hot components such as the CPU/FPGA or near board edges, which can cause inaccurate temperature measurements. In addition to the local ambient temperature, the case temperature of the components should not exceed the recommended maximum case temperature.【

NI PCB SBRIO-9607 Single-Board RIO OEM Devices

The LabVIEW (SBRIO-9607)Real-Time module is an add-on to LabVIEW for creating and deploying real-time distributed test, monitoring, and control system applications.

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