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NI Wave form generator PCI-5421 Circuit board card

NI Wave form generator PCI-5421 Circuit board card

NI  Wave form generator PCI-5421 Circuit board card .The PCI-5421 have 100 MS/s, 16 waveform happens apparatus equipment — PCI ‑ 5421 user-defined arbitrary waveform can be generated and the standard function, including sine wave, square wave, triangular wave and sawtooth wave. This device can generate arbitrary waveform happen ‑ 6 V ~ + V signal, and USES the direct digital synthesis (DDS) to generate the waveform accurately. PCI 5421 also has advanced synchronization and data stream functions.


This document lists specifications for the NI PXI-5421 arbitrary waveform generator. Unless otherwise noted, the following conditions were used for each specification:

• Analog filter enabled.

• Interpolation set to maximum allowed factor for a given sample rate.

• Signals terminated with 50 Ω.

• Direct path set to 1 Vpk-pk, Low-Gain Amplifier path set to 2 Vpk-pk, and High-Gain Amplifier path set to 12 Vpk-pk.

• Sample clock set to 100 mega samples per second (MS/s).

Typical values describe useful product performance beyond specifications that are not covered by warranty and do not include guardbands for measurement uncertainty or drift. Typical values may not be verified on all units shipped from the factory. Unless otherwise noted, typical values cover the expected performance of units over ambient temperature ranges of 23 ±5 °C with a 90% confidence level, based on measurements taken during development or production.

Nominal values (or supplemental information) describe additional information about the product that may be useful, including expected performance that is not covered under Specifications or Typical values. Nominal values are not covered by warranty.

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