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MOTOROLA PCB MVME2434 VME Processor Module MVME-2434

MOTOROLA PCB MVME2434 VME Processor Module MVME-2434

MOTOROLA PCB MVME2434 VME Processor Module MVME-2434 Motorola’s(MVME2434) low-power, high-performance PowerPC 750 microprocessors, the Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) bus for the on-board peripherals, processor/memory bus to PCI bus bridge, and a VME interface, the MVME2400 processor modules pack optimum levels of flexibility and performance into a single VME slot.

MOTOROLA PCB MVME2434 VME Processor Module MVME-2434

Manufacturers Emerson / Motorola
Model MVME2434
Condition Used and in Excellent Condition
Product Family MVME2401-1, MVME2401-3, MVME2403-2, MVME2403-3, MVME2431-1, MVME2431-3, MVME2432-1, MVME2432-3, MVME2433-1, MVME2433-3, MVME2434-1, MVME2434-3,
MVME2401 1, MVME2401 3, MVME2403 2, MVME2403 3, MVME2431 1, MVME2431 3, MVME2432 1, MVME2432 3, MVME2433 1, MVME2433 3, MVME2434 1, MVME2434 3,
MVME2400-0323, MVME2400-0331, MVME2400-0333, MVME2400-0341, MVME2400-0343, MVME2400-0351, MVME2400-0353, MVME2400-0361, MVME2400-0363, MVME2400 0323, MVME2400 0331, MVME2400 333, MVME2400 0341, MVME2400 0343, MVME2400 0351, MVME2400 0353, MVME2400 0361, MVME2400 0363

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