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MOTOROLA MVME172-533 VME Embedded Controller

MOTOROLA MVME172-533 VME Embedded Controller

The MVME172 series of VME embedded controllers are designed for use in applications that require high performance and reliability. They are based on the Motorola 680×0 family of microprocessors, which were widely used in the 1980s and 1990s in a variety of computer systems, including the Apple Macintosh, the Commodore Amiga, and the Atari ST

MOTOROLA MVME172PA-652SE VME Embedded Controller Card....jpg

MOTOROLA MVME172-533 VME Embedded Controller,MVME712-12 MVME712A MVME712B MVME712-13 MVME712AM


• 60 MHz MC68060 Microprocessor


• 512 KB SRAM

• 2 MB Flash

• (1) BIOS Chip Installed

• (4) IndustryPack Ports

• Ethernet Transceiver Interface with 32-Bit Local Bus DMA

• High Performance 32-Bit SCSI Interface

• Serial Port B Interface: EIA-232-D (DCE) Serial Interface Module, Model Number: SIMM06

MOTOROLA MVME172-533 VME Embedded Controller..jpg

MOTOROLA MVME172-533 VME Embedded Controller

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