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HIMA F6705 | Analog Output Module | F 6705

HIMA F6705 | Analog Output Module | F 6705

HIMA F6705 | Analog Output Module | F 6705.The HIMA F6705 Analog Output Module is a 2-fold converter digital/analog safety-related module with redundant current connection. It is used for generating analog output signals in HIMA safety systems. Here are some key points about the HIMA F6705 module:

  • The module has two output channels that can generate analog output signals.
  • The total current IG1 or IG2 to the burden RB is the sum of the individual currents I11 and I21 or I12 and I22, depending on the configuration.
  • The admissible burden resistance is half of the total current.
  • The paralleled channels must be used in the same mode, either source or sink mode.
  • Each output channel should generate half of the current IG to the burden for temperature error and well-balanced load considerations.
  • HIMA F6705 Analog Output Module..jpg

For bipolar current connection:

  • The total current is the sum of the individual currents: IG1 = I11 – I21 or IG2 = I12 – I22.
  • The admissible burden resistance remains the same.
  • Module 1 generates the positive part of the total current, while module 2 generates the negative part.
  • Only one module should generate or consume current for accuracy reasons, and this must be programmed in the user’s program.

As for the compatibility of the HIMA F6705 module with other HIMA products, it is important to note that the module is designed for use with HIMA safety systems. It is compatible with various HIMA components, including:(vast inventory enables us to meet customer needs quickly,thus reducing downtime and protecting production schedules. Our prompt delivery times give you security and save you money.)

HIMA F6705 Analog Output Module.jpg

  1. CPU: F8650X, F8650E, F8641
  2. Power Distribution Module: F7130A, F7130, F7131, F7133
  3. Communication MODULE Coprocessor MODULE: F8621A, F8627X, F8628, F8628X
  4. Input Module: F3221, F3222, F3223, F3224, F3236, F3237, F6208, F6214, F6215, F6216, F6216A, F6217, F6220, F6221
  5. Output Module: F3330, F3331, F3332, F3333, F3334, F3322, F7126, F6705, F1DI1601, F3DIO8/801, F2DO1602, F3DIO20/802, F3AIO8/401, F60GEH01, F60PS01, F60DIO24/1601, F60DI3201, Z7116, Z7126, Z7127, Z7138, Z7128
  6. I/O bus link module block: F7553

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