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HIMA F3322 | DIGITAL OUTPUT MODULE | 984332202 | F-3322

HIMA F3322 | DIGITAL OUTPUT MODULE | 984332202 | F-3322

HIMA F3322 | DIGITAL OUTPUT MODULE | 984332202 | F-3322.The HIMA F3322 is a digital output module used in industrial automation systems. It is part of the HIMA HIMatrix series, which includes various input and output modules for different applications.It is designed to work with the HIMax controllers, which are certified for use in process controllers, protective systems, burner systems, and machine controllers.The HIMax input and output modules can be operated with an individual processor module or with several redundant processor modules.The module can be used in applications that operate in accordance with the ‘de-energize to trip’ principle or the ‘energize to trip’ principle.

The F3322 module is part of a larger range of HIMA input and output modules, including digital input modules, analog output modules, and more.

It is recommended to perform calculations and design the controller system according to the application standards to ensure proper functionality and safety.

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HIMA F3322 | DIGITAL OUTPUT MODULE | 984332202 | F-3322.

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