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HIMA F60CPU01 Industrial controller

HIMA F60CPU01 Industrial controller

HIMA F60CPU01 Industrial controller

Using the bandwidth advantage: scanning 200 analog inputs with 100 ksamples/s
An measurement Condition Monitoring application where a 10 km-long conveyor belt is monitored.
Application consists of 200 analog channels (±10 V) with 100,000 samples/s (10 µs measurement interval) per channel, which have to be scanned with a cycle time of 1 ms.
The present-day solution consists of four independent 100 Mbit/s EtherCAT networks, each with 26 two-channel analog input terminals with oversampling function (EL3702). Eight telegrams with 1313 bytes each are required in every EtherCAT network, resulting in a required bandwidth of 322 Mbit/s. Thus, each of the four networks utilises 88% of the available bandwidth.

Many process industry and power generation industry giants choose HIMA’s products and services. These products also open up new ways to improve the safety and profitability of the railway industry, logistics and machine automation industries. HIMA security solutions ensure more secure uninterrupted operation. These solutions can be integrated into all major control systems as a unique combination of hardware and software and powerful network security components. This integration can not only control the components of each factory separately, but also dynamically control the fault safety of the entire factory production network. All this ultimately led to higher productivity and profitability.


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