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HIMA HIMatrix F35 Module 982200416

HIMA HIMatrix F35 Module 982200416


HIMA HIMatrix F35 Module 982200416 .The HIMA HIMatrix F35 Module is a safety-related controller and I/O module that is part of the HIMatrix series. It is designed for use in small to medium-sized systems in complex and safety-critical applications. Here is some information about the HIMatrix F35 Module based on the search results:

The HIMatrix F35 Module is certified for use up to SIL 3 and PL e (Cat. 4) and is also SIL 4 certified in accordance with CENELEC.

The HIMatrix F35 Module offers features such as monitoring positions, speed, acceleration, turning, loads, and distances. It helps reduce planning and engineering efforts and reduces error sources. It also allows program extensions and changes to be made while the plant is running.

The HIMatrix F35 Module can be implemented in two ways: distributed or centralized. In the distributed approach, signals are connected via remote I/O modules on-site, while in the centralized approach, safety controllers are networked together, with any HIMatrix controller in the network taking over the higher-level control functions. Both concepts can also be combined or extended.

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The HIMatrix F35 Module can be configured and programmed using the user-friendly SILworX engineering tool. This tool allows for faster validation and commissioning.

The HIMatrix F35 Module is part of a larger range of HIMatrix modules that include digital input and output modules, analog input and output modules, communication modules, power distribution modules, and more.

The HIMatrix F35 Module can be used in applications such as level crossing monitoring systems, where it provides monitoring and logging of operation, visual and audible warnings, boom barriers and/or pedestrian gates, power supply monitoring, train detection system, and remote alarming.


HIMA HIMatrix F35 Module


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