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HIMA BV7045 PLC/DCS Module Industrial controller

HIMA BV7045 PLC/DCS Module Industrial controller

HIMA BV7045 PLC/DCS Module

Brand: HIMA

Module: BV7045

Description: PLC/DCS Module Industrial controller

Country of Origin: Germany

The ground wire of the PLC controller control system includes the system ground, ground, alternating ground and protection ground. The disturbance of the grounding system to the PLC controller system is mainly the uneven distribution of potential at each ground point, and the ground potential difference between different ground points, which causes the ground loop current and affects the normal operation of the system. For example, the cable layer must be grounded at one point. If A and B at both ends of the cable layer are grounded, there is a ground potential difference, and a current flows through the layer. When an abnormal state occurs, such as lightning strikes, the ground current will be larger.

Hima Main Serise:

1. CPU: F8650X, F8650E, F8641

2. Power Distribution Module: F7130A, F7130, F7131, F7133

3. Communication MODULE Coprocessor MODULE; F8621A,
F8627X, F8628, F8628X

4. Input Module: F3221, F3222, F3223, F3224, F3236, F3237, F6208, F6214, F6215, F6216, F6216A, F6217, F6220, F6221

F3330, F3331, F3332, F3333, F3334, F3322, F7126, F6705, F1DI1601, F3DIO8/801, F2DO1602, F3DIO20/802, F3AIO8/401, F60GEH01, F60PS01, F60DIO24/1601, F60DI3201,
Z7116, Z7126, Z7127, Z7138, Z7128

6. I/O bus link module block: F7553

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