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HIMA BV7032 Automation module

HIMA BV7032 Automation module

HIMA BV7032 Automation module

Brand: HIMA

Module: BV7032

Description: Automation module

Country of Origin: Germany

The safety-related F1 DI 16 01 remote I/O is a compact system in a metal enclosure with 16 digital inputs and 4 pulsed outputs. The remote I/O is available in two model variants for SILworX and two model variants for ELOP II Factory. All variants are described in this manual. The remote I/O serves to extend the I/O level of HIMax and HIMatrix controllers, and is connected to them via safeethernet. The remote I/O itself is not able to run a user program. The HIMatrix remote I/Os are not multi-master capable. The remote I/O is suitable for mounting in Ex-zone 2, see Chapter 4.1.3. The device has been certified by the TÜV for safety-related applications up to SIL 3 (IEC 61508, IEC 61511 and IEC 62061), Cat. 4 (EN 954-1) and PL e (EN ISO 13849-1). Further safety standards, application standards and test standards are specified in the certificate available on the HIMA website.

Hima Main Serise:

1. CPU: F8650X, F8650E, F8641

2. Power Distribution Module: F7130A, F7130, F7131, F7133

3. Communication MODULE Coprocessor MODULE; F8621A,
F8627X, F8628, F8628X

4. Input Module: F3221, F3222, F3223, F3224, F3236, F3237, F6208, F6214, F6215, F6216, F6216A, F6217, F6220, F6221

F3330, F3331, F3332, F3333, F3334, F3322, F7126, F6705, F1DI1601, F3DIO8/801, F2DO1602, F3DIO20/802, F3AIO8/401, F60GEH01, F60PS01, F60DIO24/1601, F60DI3201,
Z7116, Z7126, Z7127, Z7138, Z7128

6. I/O bus link module block: F7553

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