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HIMA 993201813 X-FAN 18 03 Processor Module

HIMA 993201813 X-FAN 18 03 Processor Module

HIMA 993201813 X-FAN 18 03 Processor Module

Brand: HIMA
Module: 993201813
Description: Processor Module
Country of Origin: Germany

HIMA has long been committed to the development and application of safety control systems, and has been in a good position in this field. HIMA Functional Safety Center has a number of TUV certified functional safety, as well as a highly qualified research and development team. Invest 15% of sales annually in research and development, and continue to open up new areas of functional safety technology. In the field of functional safety, a series of new safety standards have been established based on HIMA’s functional safety research foundation.


HIMA 933236300-5 HIMA F3215A
HIMA 933237100-5 HIMA F3226(17.007)
HIMA 936217800-5 HIMA F3316 (17.031)
HIMA 936217900-5 HIMA F3328 (17.008)
HIMA 936217900-5 HIMA F3330 17013
HIMA 98-4862702 HIMA F3334
HIMA 98-4862702 HIMA F3403 (17.038)
HIMA BRH2106 HIMA F3406a (17.049)
HIMA BV7044-15 HIMA F3410 (17.062)
HIMA BV7044-30 HIMA F3417A
HIMA F1101 HIMA F3417a (17.034)
HIMA F1107 17001 HIMA F4101 (17.003)
HIMA F1201 (17.040) HIMA F4102
HIMA F1202 (17.046) HIMA F4102
HIMA F2101 (17.025) HIMA F4110 (17.058)
HIMA F2102 (17.045) HIMA F4304 (17.026)
HIMA F2103a (17.050) HIMA F7126
HIMA F2108 (17.019) HIMA F7131
HIMA F2201 (17.035) HIMA F7131
HIMA F3102 (17.057) HIMA F7553 17037
HIMA F3105 (17.047) HIMA F8601 (17.036)
HIMA F3108 17039 HIMA F8620/4
HIMA F3113 (17.033) HIMA F8650 (17.053)
HIMA F3113a (17.048) HIMA F8650E
HIMA F3209 17012 HIMA HSD8001
HIMA F3211A (17.061) HIMA HSD9044
HIMA F3213A HIMA Z7116/3236/C5
HIMA F3213A HIMA Z7134/3334/C5/P2

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