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GE 369-HI-0-M-0-0-0 motor management relay

GE 369-HI-0-M-0-0-0 motor management relay

The GE 369-HI-0-M-0-0-0 is a motor management relay used for controlling and protecting electric motors. It is a digital relay that can be programmed to monitor motor parameters such as current, voltage, temperature, and frequency. It provides various protection functions to prevent motor damage and improve motor performance.

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GE 369-HI-0-M-0-0-0 motor management relay.

Check the specifications: To get more detailed information about the relay, you can refer to the official documentation or datasheet provided by General Electric. The datasheet will provide information about the relay’s features, technical specifications, wiring connections, and programming options. It will also explain the meaning of each part of the model number, such as “HI” for motor management, “0” for the number of motor control and protection functions, and “M” for the type of communication protocol supported.

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