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369-HI-R-0-0-0-0-E GE Multilin 369 Motor Management Relay

369-HI-R-0-0-0-0-E GE Multilin 369 Motor Management Relay

369-HI-R-0-0-0-0-E GE Multilin 369 Motor Management Relay.The code “GE 369-HI-R-0-0-0-0-E” refers to a specific model of the GE Multilin 369 Motor Management Relay. This relay is designed to protect and manage medium motors and their components. It offers various features and inputs/outputs to meet motor management needs.

GE 369-HI-0-M-0-0-0..jpg

GE 369-HI-0-M-0-0-0.jpg

Here are some key details about the GE 369-HI-R-0-0-0-0-E relay:

The relay can monitor and document information such as total accumulated mega-watt hours, motor trips, motor starts, and total hours running. This data can be used for general information, diagnosing motor faults, and planning maintenance.

The relay offers a variety of inputs and outputs, including a Speed Switch Input for external speed devices, Waveform Capture, and Digital Counters. These inputs/outputs enable specific motor management functions.

The relay includes enhanced diagnostics, which provide advantages such as enhanced event recording, enhanced motor diagnostics, and a security audit trail.

The relay features a conformal coating, which is a thin, polymeric film that protects the relay from variable temperatures, corrosive materials, dust, and humidity. This coating enhances the relay’s durability and reliability.

The relay weighs approximately ten pounds and is mounted in a metal carry case, which offers some protection against environmental factors. The case is flame and corrosion retardant. It should be mounted away from strong magnetic fields or high current conductors to prevent damage.

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