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GE 369-C100 PCB | 1253-0002-C2 | Multilin Upper Control

GE 369-C100 PCB | 1253-0002-C2 | Multilin Upper Control

GE 369-C100 PCB | 1253-0002-C2 | Multilin Upper Control.The GE Multilin Upper Control is a part of GE Grid Solutions’ Multilin line of power system protection and management solutions. It is used in various industrial applications, including industrial controls, manufacturing relays, and motor protection. Here are some key points to consider:

The Multilin relays are designed to protect and monitor industrial motors, feeder systems, transformers, generators, and other equipment.

The Multilin relays offer advanced monitoring functions and can be used in various industries, including utilities, distributed generation, and motor control.

These relays are built to withstand rugged industrial standards and often have front panel displays, RS232/RS485 ports for networking and data download, and front panel LEDs for easy fault diagnosis.

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GE 369-C100 PCB | 1253-0002-C2 | Multilin Upper Control

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The Multilin relays can be programmed and firmware can be updated using technical resources provided by GE. There are numerous videos available on the GE Grid Solutions website that cover topics such as firmware updates and setting up transient recorders.

The Multilin relays are available in different series, such as the 850 Feeder protection system, the 750/760 Feeder management system, the 489 Generator Management Relay, and the 369 and 469 Motor management relays.

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