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F6216A HIMA input and output module

F6216A HIMA input and output module

F6216A HIMA input and output module

These two sample calculations illustrate the boost in performance or the savings in data transmission time that can be achieved with EtherCAT G and the branch concept.

Accelerating communication times: 128 servo axes in 34 µs

A machine network with 128 servo axes was selected as the initial application.

A “standard data width” of 8 bytes in and out per device results in a total of 1024 bytes in and out per cycle. With classic EtherCAT devices, taking into account hardware propagation delay times and telegram lengths, a communication time of 237 µs will result.

If standard EtherCAT devices are now replaced by EtherCAT G devices, the communication time can be reduced to 150 µs just on account of the shortened frame length due to the higher data rate. If the branch concept is used and the complete network is divided into eight EtherCAT G segments with 16 servo drives each, a communication time of only 34 µs can be achieved – i.e. communication is now 7 times faster.

If the four EtherCAT networks are now replaced by an EtherCAT G network and the EK1100 Bus Couplers by EK1400 EtherCAT G Bus Couplers (branch controllers), it is possible to continue to use existing standard EtherCAT Terminals. With the same cycle time (1 ms), bandwidth utilisation of only 350 Mbit/s results in just one EtherCAT G network. The remaining bandwidth of 650 Mbit/s enables an extension of the channels and the support of even higher analog sampling rates.

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