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EMERSON WST214H03 PLC programmable control module

EMERSON WST214H03 PLC programmable control module

EMERSON WST214H03 PLC programmable control module

WST214H03 is a gate commutated thyristor, a new type of power electronic device that appeared in the late 1990s. The integrated gate commutated thyristor IGCT combines the 0 point of the IGBT with the GTO, which has the same capacity as the GTO, but the switching speed is 10 times faster than the GTO, and can eliminate the large and complex buffer circuit of the GTO application, but the required drive power is still large.

At present, IGCT is competing fiercely with IGBT and other new devices, trying to replace the position of GTO in high-power situations. The industry believes that the high proportion of power electronic devices is one of the two major characteristics of the new power system, such as the flexible DC transmission technology of the international leader in the field of new energy grid connection, offshore wind power transmission and UHV, which is a combination of power electronics, power systems, communication principles and other aspects of zero technology.

PLCS, DCS, operating panels, servo drives and servo motors, exciter boards

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