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EMERSON A6120 9199-00002 Vibration Monitoring Module

EMERSON A6120 9199-00002 Vibration Monitoring Module

EMERSON A6120 9199-00002 Vibration Monitoring Module he DeltaV controller is unique in its abilityto automatically identify itself to the DeltaV control network.When the controller is powered up, it is automatically assigned a unique address—no dip switches, no configuring—just plug

EMERSON A6120 9199-00002



EMERSON A6210 9199-00003 Thrust Differential Expansion Module Control strategy complexity and control module scan rates determine overall controller performance and application size. A redundant controller may be added to back up an MQ Controller online. The standby controller comes online automatically, with a bumpless transition. For more information, refer to the I/O Redundancy product data sheet.

EMERSON A6210 9199-00003

EMERSON A6110 9199-00001 AMS Shaft Relative Vibration Monitor This A6110 Module feature provides automatic restart of the controller in case of a power failure. The restart is completely autonomous because the entire control strategy is stored in NVM RAM of the controller for this purpose. Simply set the restart state of the controller to current conditions.

EMERSON A6110 9199-00001 AMS Shaft Relative Vibration Monitor

Data protection. All online changes made to control parameters are automatically stored for later upload into the engineering database. This way, the system always retains a complete record of all the data that has been changed online.

Advanced operations. The MQ Controller is equipped to handle the DeltaV Batch option, as well as advanced control functions.

EMERSON VE3008 MQ Controller Module

Data pass-through. The controller is equipped with the ability to pass smart HART® information from field devices to any workstation node in the control network. This means you can take advantage of applications, such as Asset Management Solutions AMS Device Manager, that enable you to remotely manage the HART information contained in your HART or FOUNDATION Fieldbus equipped devices.

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