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EMERSON HD22010-3 Power Module

EMERSON HD22010-3 Power Module

EMERSON HD22010-3 Power Module.The Emerson rectifiers comprise two parts: 3-phase passive PFC and DC/DC converter circuit. Besides, there are the auxiliary power supply and the I/O detection protection circuit.In simple terms, an Intelligent Power Module (IPM) is an advanced power switching device that integrates several power components, such as Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBTs) and Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistors (MOSFETs), as well as driver and protection circuits, into a single package. [2] IPMs have several advantages over traditional power modules, such as high power density, low drive power consumption, and high reliability.

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Major Functionsof HD22010-3(Emerson)

1. Protection

1) Input over/under-voltage protection

The rectifiers are capable of over/under-voltage protection. When the input voltage is smaller than the set under-voltage or bigger than the over-voltage, the rectifier will be shut down for protection. There will be no DC output, and the protection indicator (yellow) will turn on. The rectifier will return to normal operation when the voltage returns normal.

2) Output over-voltage protection & under-voltage alarm

The rectifiers are capable of output over-voltage protection and under-voltage alarm. When the output voltage is higher than the preset over-voltage, the rectifier will shut down, with no output, and the alarm indicator (red) will turn on. The rectifier cannot be auto-reset. You need to power it off and on to reset it.

When the output voltage is lower than the preset under-voltage, the alarm will be raised, but the rectifier will keep its output, and the protection indicator (yellow) will turn on. This alarm will be cleared once the voltage restores to normal.

3) Short circuit foldback of output

The rectifiers are capable of limiting output upon short circuit, during which the output current will be limited to 40% of rated output current. The output will restore to normal after the short is removed.

4) Phase failure protection

The rectifiers are capable of phase failure protection. Upon input phase failures, the rectifiers will derate and output half power. The output current is 5A at the output voltage of 260V.

5) Over-temperature protection

The over-temperature protection will be triggered when the temperature is higher than the set point, either due to too high ambient temperature, or because rectifier air inlet is blocked. The Protection Indicator (yellow) on the rectifier front panel will turn on, and there will be no output. This protection can be reset automatically when abnormality is cleared and rectifier internal temperature restores to normal.

6) Front-end over-current protection

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