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EMERSON A6824R 9199-00098-13 Modbus communication (4HP)

EMERSON A6824R 9199-00098-13 Modbus communication (4HP)

The A6824 / A6824R interface card is a component of the A6000 Machine Monitoring System.

The card serves the periodic recording of monitor data. The captured data are transmitted via

the interfaces Modbus RTU or Modbus over TCP.

A6824R,9199-00098-13,Modbus communication

The card has 6 RS 485 bus lines. Each of these lines can serve up to 8 A6000 monitors. By

means of the configuration, the monitors can be assigned to the bus lines of the interface card.


EMERSON A6824R 9199-00098-13 Modbus communication (4HP) .Implement a reliable and secure wireless infrastructure with Emerson Wireless Gateways

CSI 6500 Machinery Health Monitor

A6824/ A6824R, Gateway 6x RS485 to Modbus RTU and TCP/IP

EMERSON A6824R 9199-00098-13 Modbus communication (4HP)

For secure use of the monitor, observe the direction for use “Interface card A6824 / A6824R” (order number: 6110−90090). You can find this direction on the configuration software CD as pdf−data file. Amongst others, it contains useful informations for configuration and use of the A6824 / A6824R.

To ensure the safe operation of the monitor and to permit setting of all functions, it is indispensable to use only the latest version of configuration software (version 2.08 or newer) and operating manual.

The use of old operating manuals or configuration programs out of date may lead to malfunctions or limitations of the measuring functions.

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