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Spbrc410 industrial control automatic card.SPBRC410 Often used in high voltage inverter systems

Lil global data I / O function block

When an optional lil network is available, these functional blocks are available in the number of installed boards indicated in each loop. The total number of global functional blocks will be limited by the number of global channels. The available controller has 256 channels. Each global data block occupies one global channel.

In addition, the configured control loop occupies 5 channels, each configured sequencer loop occupies 6 channels, and the first 7 channels of the station itself. For more information about network communication, see section 6.

Ethernet data I / O function block

When Ethernet is selected, these function blocks are available in the number of installed network boards indicated in the controller. You can select these blocks to use in a single cycle, but the block name is:

Aie01-32 analog input – Ethernet (V3.0) cwe01-2 coil write – Ethernet (V3.0)

Aoe01-32 analog output Ethernet (V2.4) die01-32 discrete input Ethernet (V3.0)

Awe01-32 analog write Ethernet (V3.0) doe01-32 digital output Ethernet (V2.4)

Cie01-32 coil input – Ethernet (V3.0) dwe01-2 digital write – Ethernet (V3.0)

LnWorks remote I / O function block

When the optional LonWorks works works, these function blocks are available in the number indicated in the controller with installed remote I / O boards. LonWorks can be used with 352p, 353 and 354 controllers. These blocks can be selected in a single circuit, but the block name is unique throughout the station. This allows the LonWorks network manager to use the block name within a single node to identify variables and make them unique.

For example, if loop01 uses aip01 and aip02, and the AIP block is selected in loop02, the name will be aip03.

For more information about LonWorks usage, see section 5. For model 352p only: select the LonWorks setup option 3I / O patch cord as follows.

Aip01-25 analog input lev_ Percentage dis1-6 digital input status (v1.3) aop01-25 analog output lev_ Percentdod1-6 digital output Lev discrete, 16 channel did1-6 digital input lev_ Discrete, 16 channel dos1-6 digital output_ State(V1.3)。


Each controller must be configured to perform a desired control strategy. The arrangement of functions and the digital data required by a specific control circuit are called controller configuration.

Local and adaptive remote configuration

Local configuration involves configuration buttons and pulse generator knob panels on the display assembly. The configuration mode displays the panel and provides a brief description of the control functions.

Remote configuration requires a personal computer running I | config ™ Graphics configuration utility and configuration cable or modbus, lil or Ethernet network connection. You can create a configuration at the following location and download it from your personal computer. A network connection is made at the terminal of the controller. This configuration cable is inserted into the configuration port on the lower side of the 352plus or 353 display unit, or into the 354ndb9 connector. The other end of this cable is connected to the serial port or modem of the personal computer.


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