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ABB REM610 Motor Protection relay

ABB REM610 Motor Protection relay

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REM610 is a motor IED for the protection, measuring and supervision of medium sized and large asynchronous LV motors and small and medium-sized asynchronous HVmotors in manufacturing and process industry. REM610 is a member of ABB’s Relion® protection and control product family and part of its 610 product series. The 610 series includes protection IEDs for feeders, motors and for general system voltage supervision. The plug-in design of the 610 series IEDs facilitates the commissioning of the switchgear and enables fast and safe insertion and withdrawal of IED plug-in units.(610 series, click to learn: REF610 、REU610

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The functionality of REM610 is primarily focused on the protection of large asynchronous low-voltage motors and small and medium-sized asynchronous high-voltage motors. The IED can be used with both circuit-breaker and contactorcontrolled motor drives in a variety of applications in, for instance, process industry, public fresh and waste water facilities, fluid and gas pumping stations, power plants, marine and off-shore environments. Enhanced with an optional add-on card for RTD sensors or thermistor elements, the IED can be used for direct temperature measurement of critical motor items, such as bearings and windings. REM610 is also used for the protection of cable feeders and distribution transformers, which often benefit from thermal overload protection besides phase overcurrent protection, earth-fault protection and phase unbalance protection.

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The REM610 handles fault conditions during motor startup, normal operation, idling and cooling down at standstill. The key features of the motor IED include thermal overload protection, cumulative motor startup supervision, running stall protection, earth-fault protection, and loss-of-phase protection. Furthermore, the thermal overload protection function can be enhanced with an optional RTD module for direct temperature measurement. The RTD module has six measuring inputs and supports PTC thermistors and RTD sensors.

ABB REM610 Motor Protection relay

Disturbance recorder: The 610 series IEDs feature an integrated disturbance recorder for logging events and registering transient variables before, during and after a network disturbance situation. The disturbance recorder includes four analog channels and eight binary channels, which can be assigned by the user to the analog and digital signals requiring monitoring to enable subsequent post-fault analyses of power system events.

Supervision:To ensure continuous availability of protection the 610 series IEDs feature extensive self-supervision of the function of the digital circuitry and the software. The IED also includes an integrated trip-circuit supervision function monitoring the external trip signal path. When a permanent IED fault is detected, the IED’s protection stages and outputs will be blocked to prevent malfunction. Further, a LED indicator will light up and an alert message for remote fault indication will be generated.

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