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ABB PP D103 B101 | 3BHE020455R0101 | PPD103 | Control Module

ABB PP D103 B101 | 3BHE020455R0101 | PPD103 | Control Module

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ABB PP D103 B101 | 3BHE020455R0101 |  PPD103 | Control Module.

  • ABB PP D103 is a digital input module that can be used with various ABB AC500 PLCs to monitor digital signals from sensors, switches, and other devices.
  • ABB PP D103 has 16 channels, each of which can be configured as a sinking or sourcing input.
  • ABB PP D103 uses a 24V DC power supply and supports input signals from 5V to 24V DC.
  • ABB PP D103 can be programmed using ABB Automation Builder software and is compatible with various fieldbus protocols such as Modbus RTU, CANopen, and Profibus DP.

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ABB PP D103 B101 | 3BHE020455R0101 |  PPD103 | Control Module

To use ABB PP D103 in the developer’s code, the following steps may be helpful:

  1. Connect ABB PP D103 to the AC500 PLC using the appropriate cables and connectors.
  2. Configure the input channels of ABB PP D103 based on the type and voltage level of the digital signals to be monitored.
  3. Write the PLC program using Automation Builder software to read the input signals from ABB PP D103 and perform the desired actions or logic.
  4. Test the program and troubleshoot any issues using the diagnostic tools and resources provided by ABB.

It is important to refer to the product documentation and support resources for detailed instructions and specifications.


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