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ABB touch screen PP877 3BSE069272R2 Panel 800 10.4″ screen

ABB touch screen PP877 3BSE069272R2 Panel 800 10.4″ screen

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ABB touch screen PP877 3BSE069272R2 Panel 800 10.4″ screen.The Standard range of Panel 800 comprises of PP875,PP877K, PP881, PP883, PP886 and PP895 that are designed for cost-effective, safe and efficient monitoring and controlling complex HMI applications.

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These panels provide improved process visibility through high-resolution widescreen in 7”, 10.1”,12.1”, 15.4” and 21.5” TFT/LED display, quicker access to multiple applications and an easy-to-use touchscreen interface.

Panel 800 features and benefits


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The high-resolution TFT-LCD display produces sharp and detailed images and views from all angles. State-of-the-art graphics including animated labels, roller panels, action menus increase efficiency and operator interactions by displaying a large amount of important information in a very small area. The ability to view real-time process values in a wide variety of graphical forms helps operators detect discrepancies faster, compared to viewing them in numerical read-outs. This promotes fast decision and action.


Available in sizes ranging from 7″ to 21.5″, all panels are made of a strong yet lightweight die-cast, powder-coated aluminum housing. The rugged, slim, space saving design of Panel 800 gives them the benefit to withstand the toughest environments. Depending on the model, these panels can operate at temperature ranges from -30 to 70°C / -10°C to 60°C / 0°C to 50°C.


Process operators have a wide range of communication options, with panels offering interfaces for connecting USB peripherals, including serial ports and Ethernet ports. This means loading HMI projects can be done safely and easily via standard cables or a USB. Most panels have two 10/100 Ethernet ports and two USB ports. The panels have one or two connectors with the possibility to up to three communication channels.


Panel 800 complies with IP65/ 66 and NEMA 4X for front cover protection (PP887S compiles with IP66 and NEMA 4x sealing back as well) and with CE, FCC, KCC, UL. Standard (except PP895), Black and Rugged range of panels are marine certified – DNV, GL, ABS, LR, KR, CCS. Besides marine certification, Rugged series is also certified for use in hazardous areas – Ul/cUL C1D2, ATEX (Zone 2, Zone 22), IECEx (Zone2, Zone 22)


All panels can be configured using the Panel Builder engineering tool. The tool supports eight languages, incorporates the familiar Microsoft® Windows® environment providing an interface that is easy to understand and navigate. With one click, one or all objects can be changed to a predefined style, which leads to savings in engineering time.

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