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ABB PM891K01 | 3BSE053241R1 | Processor Unit

ABB PM891K01 | 3BSE053241R1 | Processor Unit

ABB PM891K01 | 3BSE053241R1 | Processor Unit 450MHZ and 256MB..This controller contains:

– PM891 CPU Module

– TB850, CEX-bus terminator

– TB853, RCU Control Link Terminator

– No license included

ABB PM891 3BSE053240R1.jpg

ABB PM891K01 | 3BSE053241R1 | Processor Unit.

Westinghouse/EmersonOVATION system, WDPF system, MAX1000 system spare parts, such as 1C31129G03, 5X00063G01, 5X00063G01,1C31181G01,SE3007, VE3008, etc

Rockwell Allen-Bradley:Logix 1756,1794,2711touch screen such as 2711-B6C20,etc.,

Rockwell ICS TRIPLEX:T8151B,T8311 ,T8403 ,T9431, T8480C,etc.,

Rockwell Reliance:PLC-MODULE,WR-D4007,0-57406-E,Y-3023-2-H00AA,etc.,

Schneider Modicon: Quantum 140 series processor, control card, power module,

such as 140CPU65160, 140CPU67160, 140CPU43412,140CPU67060,140DDI35300,140ACO13000,140CRA93100,140CPU11303,140ACO13000,etc.,

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