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ABB 216DB61 HESG324063R100/J HESG435595P201 PCB

ABB 216DB61 HESG324063R100/J HESG435595P201 PCB

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ABB 216DB61 HESG324063R100/J HESG435595P201 PCB.This (216DB61 HESG324063R100)module is used in the industrial automation control module, which is used to control the data input in the system and provide essential functions for the whole system.

understanding ABB 216DB61 HESG324063R0100 HESG216882A, which is an input/output module used in fire alarm systems to control external devices. The module receives signals from the fire alarm control panel and activates external devices such as smoke dampers, fire dampers, ventilation fans, fire doors, and warning bells. In addition, the module can receive feedback signals from the external devices and report their status to the fire alarm control panel [0].


The ABB 216DB61 HESG324063R100/J unit is a control auxiliary relay for tripping channels that can be used to monitor and control external tripping circuits. The digitized measured variables derived from the primary system quantities are continuously compared by the processing unit 216VC62a with the pick-up settings of the protection functions.


If a protection function picks up, the corresponding signal or tripping command is transmitted via the B448C bus to the 216AB61 O/P unit or to the 216DB61 I/O unit. The allocation of the signals and tripping commands at the O/P’s of the protection functions to the various channels of the 216AB61 output unit or of the 216DB61 I/P signal and tripping unit is also determined by the software installed in the 216VC62a processing unit



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