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A-B 1336-BDB-SP53C Printed Circuit Board (PCB)

A-B 1336-BDB-SP53C Printed Circuit Board (PCB)

Description: The 1336-BDB-SP53C Printed Circuit Board (PCB) is a Gate Drive PCB manufactured by Allen-Bradley/Rockwell Automation. It uses 460 Volts AC input power and it has a Horsepower rating of 450 Horsepower. This gate drive board is used as a spare part of the 1336 AC Drives.


The 1336-BDB-SP53C Printed Circuit Board (PCB) is a product of Allen-Bradley that is manufactured as a 1336 AC Drive spare part. This Gate Drive PCB is made by Allen-Bradley/Rockwell Automation and part of the 1336 PCB Series. It operates with a voltage rating of 460 Volts AC and a 450 Horsepower rating, which is powered by the 1336 AC Drive it is installed in.  It is specifically designed to serve as a spare part for various Allen-Bradley drives, including the 1336 IMPACT, PLUS, and FORCE Series drives. One advantage of the 1336-BDB-SP53C Gate Drive PCB as a spare part is that it saves the users time and it is cost-effective. It can be used whenever the PCB of an Allen Bradley 1336 IMPACT, FORCE, or PLUS Drive wears out, gets damaged, or breaks down. There is no need to replace the whole drive because this Gate Drive PCB is well-matched and works perfectly with all of these 1336 AC Drives  .

The Allen-Bradley 1336-BDB-SP53C Gate Drive PCB is part of Series C that is a sub-category of the Allen-Bradley 1336 PCB series. During the installation of this Gate Drive PCB in a 1336 drive, it is recommended that the users disconnect the drive from the power source, and ensure that no voltage is left in the drive after disconnection. The drive can preserve high and hazardous voltage levels even after cutting off the power, which may lead to severe injuries to the operators and also damage the board. Additionally, the Allen-Bradley1336-BDB-SP53C Gate Drive PCB, as well as other spare parts in the series, requires troubleshooting manuals or the help of Allen-Bradley technicians if installation or repair needs to be done.

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