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YOKOGAWA ALP121-S00 | Communication Module

YOKOGAWA ALP121-S00 | Communication Module

YOKOGAWA ALP121-S00 | Communication Module (for FIO) which performs as the PROFIBUS-DP master device (referred to as the master device) to communicate and exchange data with PROFIBUS-DP slave devices  (referred to as the slave device).This PROFIBUS-DP communication module can be mounted on field control units . It can also be mounted on the ESB bus node unit  and the optical ESB bus node unit which are connected to AFV30 or AFV40.

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The PROFIBUS-DP slave devices represent the field bus devices connected to a PROFIBUS-DP communication cable. PROFIBUS remote I/O, PLC, and others are among the PROFIBUS-DP slave devices. HART devices and 4-20 mA analog equipment are connected to PROFIBUS remote I/O. ALP121 module can also be connected with PROFIBUS-PA devices via a PROFIBUS DP/PA coupler and refer to the PROFIBUS-PA device data.


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