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XYCOM CPU XVME-674 AT Processor Module

XYCOM CPU XVME-674 AT Processor Module

XYCOM CPU XVME-674 AT Processor Module Configuration: Processor: 66 MHz 486DX2 ,Memory: 4 MB The circuit board(XVME-674/XVME674) High efficiency processor module, improve the system operation efficiency/The XVME-674 is a PC/AT processor module that is compatible with VMEbus PC. It is a single-slot VMEbus processor that integrates a 33 MHz 80486DX or 66 MHz 80486DX2 CPU with up to 32 MB of DRAM, hard disk and floppy disk controllers, and VGA graphics controller [0] [2] [3]. The XVME-674 also contains a VMEbus interrupter circuit that allows the local CPU to generate VMEbus interrupts on any of the seven VMEbus interrupt levels



• Processor: 66 MHz 486DX2

• Memory: 4 MB

Part Number: 70674-005, 70674-098

Daughter Card Part Number: 70674-201, 70674-014, 70674-202

Product Family: 5998-01-459-5281, 5998014595281

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