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Woodward 9907-165 Controller module

Woodward 9907-165 Controller module

Woodward 9907-165 Controller module In Order To Realize The Automatic Control Of Folder Pre-Position System,A Small Integrated System Based On PC-PLC Model Is Set Up,In Which The PC Is Used As The High Level Computer And Several PLCs Are Adopted As The Low Level Controllers

Woodward 9907-165 Controller module



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Product Name:Controller Module,DCS Module


Woodward 9907-018 series 2301A Load Sharing and Speed Control Actuator current of 0-200 mA, CE certified, forward-acting, and low-voltage model that operates with an individual actuator.The 2301A Full Authority Speed Control sets the speed or load of a diesel engine, gas engine, steam turbine, or gas turbine according to the demand of a process or a computer control signal of 4–20 mA or 1–5 Vdc.

Woodward 9907-018 series 2301A

Product Description

Woodward 9907-165 Controller module is one of the many control series that AX Control Inc offers for you to buy, if needed we can also repair and refurbish the control for you. The 9907-018 model is a low-voltage model, it operates as a single actuator system, and is not offered with a deceleration ramp. The model is also a forward-acting control and operates on an actuator current of 0-200 mA and is CE approved. The voltage source of a low-voltage model is in the range of 20-40 Vdc.

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