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WOODWARD 8200-1501 | PEAK200 | Steam turbine controller

WOODWARD 8200-1501 | PEAK200 | Steam turbine controller

WOODWARD 8200-1501 | PEAK200 | Steam turbine controller.Peak200 Controllers: The Peak200 is Woodward’s next generation of field-proven off-the-shelf controllers for operation and protection of small single valve or single valve-rack industrial steam turbines. These controllers are cost-effective and user-configurable, including specifically designed screens, algorithms, and event recorders to simplify use in controlling small industrial steam turbines or turbo-expanders driving pumps or industrial fans.  Woodward offers a range of steam turbine controllers designed specifically for steam turbine applications. These controllers provide the performance and accuracy required for today’s steam turbine applications. Steam turbine OEMs utilize Woodward’s turbine controllers to ensure their packages meet steady-state stability and fast transient responses required by various industries such as oil, gas, petrochemical, and power generation.

WOODWARD 8200-1501 PEAK200 Steam turbine controller.jpg

WOODWARD 8200-1501 | PEAK200 | Steam turbine controller.

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