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Digital input module Tricon3301 DI3301 Triconex/Schneider

Digital input module Tricon3301 DI3301 Triconex/Schneider

Digital input module Tricon3301 DI3301 Triconex/Schneider High quality performance completes the system task/

Tricon3301, also known as DI3301, is a digital input module manufactured by Triconex . This module is used to process field data and put the processed data in an array for each channel. Each TMR digital input module has three isolated electronic devices, called channels, that independently process the module’s field data .

The Triconex 3301 Digital Input Module has 32 commoned points and a nominal input voltage of 24 VDC. The operational voltage range is 15-30 VDC and the absolute maximum input voltage is 33 VDC. The input delay is less than 10 ms, and the input impedance is greater than 30 kΩ without a baseplate and approximately 3 kΩ with a baseplate. The input threshold is 0-5 VDC for the off region, 6-14 VDC for the transition region, and 15-30 VDC for the on region. The module has a force-to-value diagnostic (FVD) for loss of view diagnostic and a maximum input toggle rate to maintain diagnostic fault coverage of less than 20/sec




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In the automation system control has a very important role A powerful, scalable design with assurance of continuous operation, the Tricon system complies with international standards such as IEC61508 and fulfills the requirements for applications such as Emergency Shutdown (ESD), Fire and Gas Protection (F&G), Burner Management (BMS), 3503E High Integrity Pressure Protection (HIPPS), and Turbo Machinery Control (TMC). The redundant high-availability architecture provides a flexible, robust, reliable, and powerful solution that is ideal for clients looking to achieve environmental and safety excellence.


TRICONEX is owned by Invensys Group

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