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Triconex 5481-1S2 Industrial control module

Triconex 5481-1S2 Industrial control module

Triconex 5481-1S2 Industrial control module


Module: 5481-1S2

Description: Industrial control module

Product Orgin:USA

The main features of Tricon’s control system
Tricon is a programmable and process control technology with high fault tolerance.
Its characteristics are as follows:
A. Triple modular redundancy structure (TMR) is provided, with three identical sub-circuits each performing an independent degree of control. There is also a dedicated hardware/software architecture for “voting” on input and output.
Ability to tolerate harsh industrial environment.
C. It can be installed on site and can be installed and repaired at the module level online on site without disturbing the field wiring.
D. Supports up to 118 I/O modules (analog and digital) and optional communication modules. Communication modules can
Connect to Modbus hosts and dependents, or to Foxboro and Honeywell Distributed Control System (DCS), other Tricons in a peer-to-peer network, and external hosts on a TCP/IP network.
E. Can support remote I/O modules located up to 12 km away from the mainframe.
F. Develop and debug the control program by using the programming software based on Windows NT system.
G. Intelligent functions in input and output modules to reduce workload on the main processor. Each I/O module has three microprocessors. The input module’s microprocessor filters and repairs the input and diagnoses hardware failures on the module. The output module microprocessor provides information for the voting of the output data, checks the validity of the output state through the feedback loop voltage at the output end, and can diagnose the field line problems.
H. Provide comprehensive online diagnosis with repair capability.
I. Routine maintenance can be performed while Tricon is up and running without interrupting the control process.
J. Provide “hot standby” support for I/O modules, which can be used in certain critical situations where services cannot be provided in a timely manner.

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