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TRICONEX 4000103-510 External Termination AI Cable Assembly

TRICONEX 4000103-510 External Termination AI Cable Assembly

TRICONEX 4000103-510 External Termination AI Cable Assembly

Module: 4000103-510
Description: External Termination AI Cable Assembly

TRICONEX safety control system development and design of domestic manufacturers, by the United States company TRICONEX company’s team responsible for design, development and production. The system is used in many fields such as electronic, electrical and safety control. The application fields of its products mainly involve machinery, electrical, communication, network, industrial control and other fields. TRICONEX technology provides a reliable guarantee for the path of embedded technology. TRICONEX series safety control system mainly uses a number of computers as control units to complete the operation and management of the entire system and various equipment; The data are processed uniformly through different information exchange interfaces. Distributed processing technology is used to manage all kinds of equipment. TRICONEX technology combines control technology and control equipment according to the requirements of each position. The system has the function of analyzing different working conditions, and can analyze and predict various abnormal situations in the running process, so as to propose solutions. The product mainly includes: alarm function, abnormal monitoring, remote diagnosis, fault handling and operation control, security protection and other functions. The product has a safety protection function: when the danger level reaches a certain degree, the device can automatically protect or reduce the degree of failure. For positions requiring high operational control capabilities, remote control and remote diagnosis can also be performed. Data processing capability: It can collect equipment operating data and various abnormal conditions (such as abnormal operation of the equipment) in real time and provide the information to the system for processing or realize security protection by analyzing the equipment operating status and fault causes. Remote diagnosis function: By monitoring the performance and status of the equipment in real time whether the equipment is abnormal and the hidden dangers in the equipment are discovered in time and take measures to ensure the production safety and the safe working performance of the equipment.

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