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SIEMENS 6SL3912-5BP42-8BA0 IGBT 6SL39125BP428BA0

SIEMENS 6SL3912-5BP42-8BA0 IGBT 6SL39125BP428BA0

SIEMENS 6SL3912-5BP42-8BA0 WATER COOLED IGBT 6SL39125BP428BA0.Siemens IGBTs offer a fast and efficient solution for controlling the flow of energy between a converter and a feeding network.The development of IGBTs involved efforts to suppress the latch-up of the parasitic thyristor, which can cause device failure. The concept of non-latch-up IGBTs, where the saturation current is limited to below the latch-up current, was introduced in 1984.

SIEMENS 6SL3912-5AP36-0AA0 IGBT-PowerCard.jpg

SIEMENS 6SL3912-5AP36-0AA0 IGBT-PowerCard....jpg

SIEMENS 6SL3912-5AP36-0AA0 IGBT-PowerCard.....jpg


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