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SCHNEIDER 140CPU65150 MODICON QUANTUM CPU .The 140CPU65150 is a Unity processor in Schneider Electric’s Modicon Quantum series. It is one of the newer models in the series of processor modules. It joins together the standard functions of the PLC and the diagnostic possibilities of a web server. It communicates using an RJ-45 connection.


Brand/Manufacturer Schneider/Modicon
Model 140CPU65150
Part No 140-CPU-651-50
Place of Origin FRANCE
Product Name CPU Module
Description Unity Hot Standby processor with multimode Ethernet
Colour White
System overhead 1 ms – master task0.2 ms – fast task
Bus current requirement 2160 mA
Memory description Expandable 8 MB – file storage with PCMCIA card

Expandable 7168 kB – program with PCMCIA card

Internal RAM 768 kB

Dimennsions 8.9cm x 8.2cm x 14.4cm
Discrete I/O number 8000 inputs, 8000 outputs – distributed – per network

31744 inputs, 31744 outputs – remote

Unlimited (26 slots max) – local

The 140CPU65150 has a data rate of 10/100 Mbps. For a medium, a user should use a shielded twisted pair cable. The module has a number of services, including standard web service, Modbus TCP messaging, I/O scanning services, global data, FDR client, SNMP management, and SMTP services (email). It is compatible only with the Unity Pro software.

The keypad is used to access the mapped hardware address. There are five keys on the keypad. Two of the keys are LED arrow keys.

The yellow indication LED is controlled by the coprocessor hardware and indicates Ethernet activity. The STS LED indicator is yellow and is controlled by the coprocessor software. It indicates several things. It is solid yellow when working normally. If it is not on, there is a possibility of a hardware problem. When the yellow STS light flashes, the number of flashes indicates the reason. One flash means the configuration is in progress; this is temporary. Two flashes mean an invalid MAC address, three flashes mean link not connected, four flashes indicate duplicate IP address, 5 flashes mean it is waiting for the IP address for the address server. Six flashes indicate an invalid IP address, and seven flashes indicate firmware incompatibility between PLC OS and Copro firmware.

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