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Rexroth MKE037B-144 Synchronous servo motors

Rexroth MKE037B-144 Synchronous servo motors

Rexroth MKE037B-144 Synchronous servo motors,Maximum torques up to 187 Nm • Maximum speeds up to 9,000 rpm • Encoder systems for a wide and diverse range of applications • Explosion-proof enclosure in accordance with ATEX and UL/CSA


MKE037B-144 is a powerful motor that can be used in various applications, including chemical, mining, printing, woodworking, painting, milling, food processing, refining, oil storage, and other industries. The motor is from BOSCH REXROTH MOTORS, which is a well-known manufacturer of servo motors]. The motor has a torque of 187 Nm and a speed of 9,000 rpm [0]. It has a power of 50W and a rated torque of 0.21 . It is designed to be used in explosive environments where there is a risk of flammable gas, steam, smoke, or dust


The MKE037B-144 servo motor has various encoder systems, explosion-proof packaging, and is certified by ATEX and UL/CSA . It is available in different sizes and can be equipped with optional configurations such as holding brakes, keyways, and single-turn or multi-turn encoder systems . The motor is designed to operate in a working environment temperature range of 0 to 40 degrees Celsius and a working humidity of 80%RH or less . The motor has a weight of 0.98 kg and is suitable for use at an altitude of 1000m or less .

Rexroth MKE037B-144 Synchronous servo motors

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