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ProSoft MVI56E-MCM Enhanced Communication Modules

ProSoft MVI56E-MCM Enhanced Communication Modules

ProSoft MVI56E-MCM Enhanced Communication Modules. The MVI56E Modbus Master/Slave Enhanced Communication Modules (MVI56E-MCM, MVI56E-MCMXT) allow Rockwell Automation ControlLogix processors to easily interface with devices using the Modbus RTU/ASCII serial communications protocol.

ProSoft MVI56E-MCM


Backward compatible with MVI56 series:Allowing direct replacement without the need to change existing controller programs

Scrolling Display:Improved status and diagnostics visibility

Ethernet Configuration Port:

1.No longer requires Hyper terminal

2.Configure via Ethernet port or using CIPconnect®

3.Remote Diagnostics


Uses the backplane bridging capabilities of ControlLogix to allow module configuration via 1756 EtherNet/IP module

Communications Solutions:

1.Modbus Serial Master/Slave (MVI56E-MCM)

2.Modbus TCP/IP with Reduced Data Block (MVI56E-MNETR)

3.Modbus TCP/IP Client (MVI56E-MNETC)

4.Modbus TCP/IP Client with Reduced Data Block(MVI56E-MNETCR)

5.Generic ASCII Serial (MVI56E-GSC)

6.FL-net (MVI56E-FLN)

roved module integration

ProSoft Discovery Service:For simple initial IP address configuration

ProSoft Configuration Builder (PCB):

1.Software tool to configure and test your MVI56E module

2.Detailed diagnostic GUI

Personality Module:Stores all module configuration files in a CF card to assist your disaster recovery plan

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