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NI Voltage Input Module SCXI-1100 National Instruments

NI Voltage Input Module SCXI-1100 National Instruments

NI Voltage Input Module SCXI-1100 National Instruments. The National Instruments SCXI-1100 (Part Number: 776572-00, 181690-01) is a 32 differential Channel Voltage Input Module for SCXI. This module is created for affordable signal conditioning of millivolt, volt, and current signals. All channels are multiplexed with the option of several gain ranges with a jumper-selectable 4 Hz low pass filter. The channels are multiplexed into one channel of a controlling DAQ instrument.

SCXI-1100,Voltage Input Module,NI

The outcome is a higher number of channels for the DAQ system. An additional shielded terminal block has screw terminals for simple signal attachment to the SCXI 1100 module. Additionally, a temperature sensor for cold-junction compensation of thermocouples is included on the terminal block. The cold-junction reference can be multiplexed with the 32 channels on the NI SCXI-1100. The other option is for the cold-junction reference to be jumper connected to a different channel of the data acquisition board. The NI device is equipped with a 96-pin male DIN C front connector and a 50-pin male ribbon cable rear connector. The DC coupled device has a maximum working voltage of ±10 V.

The NI SCXI-1100 module can be utilized with the NI MIO boards, including the PC-LPM-16, Lab-LC, Lab-PC+, Lab-PC, and Lab-NB. However, these boards can solely accomplish one-channel reads; they cannot scan the module.

NI Voltage Input Module SCXI-1100 National Instruments

The SCXI-1100 Voltage Input Module can be used with a variety of terminal blocks, including rack-mounted, thermocouple plugs, screw terminals, BNC connectors, DIN-rail mount, solder pins, and front-mounting terminal blocks. The SCXI 1100 can be used with the following National Instruments Terminal Blocks: the SCXI-1300, SCXI-1303, SCXI-1308, BNC-2095, TC-2095, TBX-1303, TBX-96, and SCXI-1310. A few of these terminal blocks have extra features. For example, a special feature of the SCXI-1310 is the affordable connector and shell assembly. Also, the BNC-2095 has prewired ground referencing. The TC-2095 has isothermal construction and switchable ground referencing. In addition, the SCXI-1303 has pluggable ground referencing. The NI device measures 1.2 x 6.8 x 8.0 in. in physical dimensions. It has a recommended operating temperature range of 0° to 50° C.

The SCXI-1100 is available to be calibrated. While the recommended calibration period for individual parts varies, most parts should be calibrated either annually or every two years to ensure accuracy.

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