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Invensys Triconex 7200 Analog Output Interface Module

Invensys Triconex 7200 Analog Output Interface Module

Invensys Triconex Analog Output Interface Module


Module: 7200

Description: Analog Output Interface Module

Product Orgin:USA

Invensys Triconex 7200 Analog Output Interface Module Logic diagram is a programming language similar to the structure of a digital logic circuit, which is composed of logical symbols such as and gate, or gate, not gate, timer, counter, flip-flop, etc. Electrical technicians with a digital circuit foundation are easier to master, and the function table diagram language (SFC language) is a relatively new programming method, also known as the state transfer diagram language. It divides a complete control process into several stages, each stage has different actions, and there are certain conversion conditions between the stages. When the conversion conditions are met, the stage transfer is realized, and the action of the previous stage ends and the action of the next stage begins. It is used to express a control process in the form of a function chart, which is especially suitable for sequence control systems. With the development of PLC technology, in order to enhance the operation, data processing and communication functions of PLC, the above programming languages can not meet the requirements well. The PLC introduced in recent years, especially the large PLC, can be programmed with high-level languages, such as BASIC language, C language, PASCAL language, etc. After using the high-level language, the user can operate the PLC like using an ordinary microcomputer, so that the various functions of the PLC can be better played.

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