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Input/output module I/O

Input/output module I/O

Input/output module is also known as the control module, when there are control requirements can output signals, or provide a switching signal, so that the controlled device action, at the same time can receive the feedback signal of the device, to report to the host. Input/output modules on the market can provide a pair of passive normally open/normally closed contacts, used to control the controlled equipment, some manufacturers of the module through parameter setting, set to active output, corresponding to the dual input/output module, multiple input/output module and so on.

I/O Module

ABB S800 I/O DO810 3BSE008510R1 Digital Output 24V DC 16-Channels Module,For more information,click here

ABB S800 I/O DI810 3BSE008508R1 Digital Input 24V DC 16-Channels Module,For more information, click here

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ABB S800 IO DI810 3BSE008508R1 Digital Input 24 V DC 16 Channels Module.jpg

ABB DO810 3BSE008510R1 Digital Output Module With TU810V1 3BSE013230R1 Termination Unit.jpg

ABB DO810 3BSE008510R1 Digital Output Module DO.jpg


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