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ICS Triplex T8431 Trusted TMR 24Vdc Analogue Input Module

ICS Triplex T8431 Trusted TMR 24Vdc Analogue Input Module

ICS Triplex T8431 Trusted TMR 24Vdc Analogue Input Module,TMR stands for Triple Modular Redundancy, which is a fault-tolerant technique used in safety-critical systems to provide high levels of reliability. TMR is used to provide redundancy to hardware and software in order to mitigate the effects of faults or errors.

ICS Triplex T8431 Trusted TMR 24Vdc Analogue Input Module

describes TrustedTM TMR 24Vdc Analogue Input Module, which is an input module that interfaces with 40 sourcing field input devices. The module acts as a current sink for all these devices and performs comprehensive diagnostic tests on each input channel. This suggests that TMR 24Vdc is used for analogue input modules in safety-critical systems

  • Manufacturer : ICS Triplex
  • Product No. : T8431
  • System Supply Voltage Range : 20 to 32V dc
  • Number of Inputs : 40 Channels
  • User Defined Thresholds : 4-off
  • Input Current Range : 0-22mA
  • Input Voltage Range : 0-6 Vdc
  • Sample Update Time : 0.5ms
  • Resolution : 3.9uA (1/256mA)
  • Safety Accuracy : +/- 1% of full scale

    (default threshold above which 0x70nn series slice discrepancy faults are raised)

  • Calibration Accuracy : 0.03%
  • Recommended input channel calibration check
  • interval : 2 years
  • Circuit Type : Fault tolerant, fully triplicated with optional line monitoring
  • Fusing : None, external if required

    Intrinsic Safety External barrier

    Sequence of Events

  • Event Resolution : 1ms
  • Time-stamp Accuracy : ±0.5 ms
  • Field Common Isolation
  • Sustained Working : ±250V dc
  • Maximum Withstanding : ±2.5kV dc
  • Channel to Channel Crosstalk : -40 to –60 dB
  • Power Consumption : 15 – 18W
  • Self-Test Interval : 2 minutes
  • Operating Temperature : -5°C to 60°C (23°F to 140°F)
  • Non-operating Temperature : -25°C to 70°C (-13°F to 158°F)
  • Temperature change : 0.5ºC/min
  • Operating Humidity : 10 – 95% RH non-condensing
  • Dimensions

    Height : 266mm (10.5ins)

    Width : 31mm (1.2ins)

    Depth : 303mm (12ins)

  • Weight : 1.149kg (2.5lbs)
  • Real Time Clock Resolution : 100µSec
  • Shipping Weight : 2 Kg

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