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ICS Triplex T8403C Trusted TMR 24 Vdc digital input module

ICS Triplex T8403C Trusted TMR 24 Vdc digital input module

Rockwell AB Industrial Control module ICS Triplex T8403C. Trusted TMR 24 Vdc digital input module 40 channels.  The TMR 24 Vdc digital input module can connect to 40 field input devices. ICS Triplex T8403C Fault tolerance is achieved for each of the 40 input channels through a triple modular redundancy (TMR) architecture within the module. ICS Triplex T8403C Each field input is triplicate and the input voltage is measured using a sigma-delta input circuit. The resulting field voltage measurement is compared to a user-configurable threshold voltage to determine the reported field input status. When line monitoring equipment is installed on the field switch, the module can detect the open and short circuit of the field cable. ICS Triplex T8403C Line monitoring function is configured independently for each input channel. ICS Triplex T8403C Triple voltage measurement, coupled through onboard diagnostic testing, provides comprehensive fault detection and fault tolerance. The module provides onboard Event sequence (SOE) reports with a resolution of 1 ms. The status change triggers the SOE entry. The state is determined by a voltage threshold that can be configured based on each channel

 ICS Triplex T8403C Digital Input Module




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