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HONEYWELL TK-PRS022 51404305-575 | Controller Processor

HONEYWELL TK-PRS022 51404305-575 | Controller Processor

HONEYWELL TK-PRS022 51404305-575 | Controller Processor

Brand: Honeywell

Module: TK-PRS022 51404305-575

Description: Controller Processor

Product Orgin: Germany

Control Builder also supports a multi-user control strategy development and debugging environment. The function provides remote access to engineering databases across any media capable of TCP/IP and UDP/IP communication. For maximum security, access is password protected. Several users can create, configure and load control strategies at the same time from different workstations. Multiple users can have the same chart open, with full write access to the first user who opens a chart. When multiple users open a chart for monitoring, all users can change controller values based on their security level.

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