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Brand: Honeywell

Module: TK-FXX102

Description: Module

Product Orgin:USA

Control Builder also supports Hierarchical Building that enables nesting of Control Modules regardless of their controller assignment and the creation of projected parameters. These are FB
parameters, which are now promoted to the boundary of the control module with a user-defined name. These parameters are used to make wired connections between Control Modules and/or FBs. It also provides the configuration engineer with the ability to organize the control configuration in a more process-oriented way. For example, a user may create one Control Module named “Reactor” and embed the individual temperature, pressure and agitator Control Modules and the fill sequence. Any interconnection can be “soft- wired” between user-defined parameters. The user can switch the Control Builder view between the traditional assignment view (controller oriented view) and the new containment view.

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