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HIMA Z7128 Control module

HIMA Z7128 Control module


The input module of the HIMA Z7128 system records the values measured by the sensor. Data is exchanged with the processor module through the I/O processing module. The measured value is cyclically queried by the processor module and processed by the user program. The results of this user program are sent to the I/O processing module, which writes the results to the output module. Therefore, the output module controls the field stage, such as the actuator. During mono operation, the signal is forwarded through the system by the processor module in slot 16 showing an example of a H41X mono system with system bus a to which the extension rack can be connected. The extension rack is connected to the H41X chassis through the I/O processing module and system bus A, refer to the F-IOP 01 manual If the system bus connection in the mono system is broken, it is no longer available at the breakpoint. After the breakpoint, all output modules enter the power off state. For input modules, the initial value of fault protection is handled in the respective processor module.

12 I/O slot modules F-fan 01 rack system fan, 19 inches, 1 unit height Two systems :H51X and H41XH51X and H41X Universal The same module supports 24 existing HIQuad I/O modules up to 16 I/O extension racks per H51X system, Up to 256 I/O modules Up to one I/O expansion rack per H41X system up to 28 I/O modules Flexible I/O architecture Single-loop and redundant loops can be mixed. Resulting in reduced space footprint Reloading applications, hardware, and communications reduced cycle times faster real-world computing Faster cross-connection between F-CPU 01 and I/O modules without interference Improved system availability Up to 32 applications multitasking improved diagnostics, Faster maintenance and troubleshooting Improved haptic extension system bus for better EMC stability.

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